Voice of a Patient

Thank you for all our patients that answered our Accreditation Voice of a Patient Survey.

We value all your feedback.

Our Accreditation standards require us to show the results from the survey.

Our Net Porter Score is 70.

From your feedback we are working to improve on:

Everything to run on time:

We are try our best at all time’s to try to run on time. However sometimes we do have patients that may need a little extra time in their consult. At times we also have emergency walk in’s that require our attention. We will advise you before your consult if the Dr is running behind time and we thank you for your patience in this matter.

To making an appointment easier on a day and time that suit you & I am able to see a doctor when I need:

We have made more Book on the Day appointments with our doctors to try and make, making an appointment easier for you on a day and time that suits you.

The practice makes adequate provision for my privacy:

If at any time you feel that your privacy is being compromised please let the Doctor or any of our staff know, so that we can make sure we can make you feel more comfortable in your privacy.

This may mean having a private conversation in an office, rather than at reception.

You can request that a third party is in the room with you.

Please be reassured that at all times your Privacy and Confidentiality is our priority when you are in our clinic.

Please see the full survey results below:

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