We run an appointment system and keep some of these appointment times available for urgent consultations or on the Day Appointments.

Standard appointments are 10 – 15 minutes, however longer appointments for more complicated and complex issues are available on request.

Prescription Telephone Appointment

Telephone appointments are available for a 5 – 7 minute consult for repeat prescriptions. During this consult no other health items will be discussed. For more involved consultation with the Dr please make a Standard Appointment.

Results Appointment

At times our reception staff will not be able to advise of any results over the phone. For all Non urgent results a telephone consult can be booked for a 5 -7 minute appointmen to get your results. At this appointment no other health items will be discussed. For all other result a standard appointment must be booked with the Doctor.

When a receptionist or nurse provides results to a patient by telephone, they must make sure that the patient is correctly identified so that patient confidentiality is not compromised.

To do this, they must obtain at least three of the following approved patient identifiers (items of information that are accepted for use to identify a patient):

  • Family name and given names
  • Date of birth
  • Gender (as identified by the patient)
  • Address
  • Patient health record number, where it exists Individual Healthcare Identifier

Please Note: A Medicare number is not an approved identifier. Medicare numbers are not unique and some people have more than one Medicare number because they are members of more than one family and are on multiple cards. Also, some Australian residents and visitors may not have a Medicare number


Our email is not for making patient appointments. One of our receptionist will get back to you with a 24 hour period for all email enquiries.