Drysdale Clinic is passionate about preventative medicine and has developed the Health program to keep our patients healthy throughout their life.

The programs looks at family history of illness, current chronic conditions and prevention of health conditions. We look at this in holistic view and offer you everything that is available to you for your current health condition or to prevent a health condition.

We can advise and offer the following:

  • Health Care Plan with 4 monthly reviews with the doctor and nurse
  • Health Care Plan involving Allied Health Practitioners, with reviews every 4 months with the nurse and doctor.
  • Pre Diabetic Health Assessment for 40 – 49 years of age.
  • Health Assessments 45 – 49 years of age
  • Heart health Checks.
  • Medication Reviews
  • 75+ Health Assessments.
  • Diabetic Health Program with 4 monthly reviews with our diabetic educator.


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