Item Fees Medicare Out of Pocket Expense
23 Private 90.00 39.75 50.25
23 HCC 85.00 45.25
23 Pens 75.00 35.25
36 Private 132.95 76.95 56.00
36 HCC 126.95 50.00
36 Pens 116.95 40.00
44 Private 180.00 113.30 66.70
44 HCCC 170.00 56.70
44 Pens 160.00 46.70


Payment terms

We are a Private Billing Practice and require Payment on the Day of your consultation. Payment can be made after your consultation by cash, EFTPOS or credit card.

Telephone Appointments are available and we will require payment within 7 days of your appointment. You can pay your account over the phone. We can submit your claim to Medicare.


If you’ve registered your banking details with Medicare, our reception team will be able to process your claim on the spot. That saves you the hassle of a separate claims process and ensures you receive the rebate into your account quickly.


If you have a debit card we will be able to process your rebate on the day of your appointment


Due to the high cost associated with wound care there is a nominal charge for dressings.
Small: $5.00 and Large: $10.00

Procedure Fee

If your GP has suggested you have a small procedure done here at the clinic there will be a fee depending on the procedure of an out of pocket expense of $25.00 or $50.00 depending on the procedure.