• Antenatal and Shared care— Our GP’s are interested in assisting patients throughout the stages of pregnancy, providing pre-pregnancy to post pregnancy care. Shared care enables our patients to maintain contact with their regular GP throughout their pregnancy and provides interim visits between appointments with their obstetrician or their chosen hospital.


  • Immunisations— Immunisations are important in protecting your family against harmful diseases. Our friendly nurses take care of all your immunisation needs. Their kind and caring approach to anxious patients help to ease the stress of immunisations. We take care of all childhood immunisations, teen immunisations and adult immunisations.


  • Men’s Health— For all your health issues such as prostate, cholesterol, depression or anxiety, fitness and nutrition. We have multiple male GP’s available everyday to discuss your concerns.


  • Mental Health— Confidence, self-esteem and wellbeing create a sense of good mental health. Our GP’s can assist you in listening and giving you advice and/or referring you to extra services to help you manage any mental health or stress related issues you may have.


  • Minor Surgery/Skin Medicine— We have a five bed treatment room area in which our GP’s perform minor surgeries such as skin biopsies, removal of skin lesions, repair of lacerations and cryotherapy.


  • Paediatrics— From birth our GP’s are available to provide care for your child/children. From 6 week post natal check ups, immunisations, allergies, coughs, colds, viruses to more complex and chronic conditions. We have close ties with local Paediatricians who assist with the care of our patients.


  • Palliative care— Our GP’s provide care to patients with serious illnesses. In conjunction with specialists, hospitals and/or palliative care nursing staff our GP’s assist in improving quality of life, lessening pain, controlling symptoms and providing support for patients and their families.


  • Sports Medicine/Musculo-skeletal problems— Injuries sustained during sport and other muscular/skeletal problems or to prevent injuries occurring or re-occurring our GP’s are available to help. Our GP’s maintain close ties with local allied health providers and specialists who are able to assist our patients with investigations and treatments you may require.


  • Travel Medicine— It is important to get the right advice and ensure you and your family are all protected when you take off on your next holiday. Our practice provides  extensive information and advice on all your medical travel needs.


  • We are an accredited Yellow Fever vaccination centre, and provide you with an International Certificate of Vaccination and Prophylaxis.


  • Women’s Health— For all your health issues including reproductive, contraception, pregnancy advice and all other concerns you may have. Pap smears and breast checks are all able to be arranged with your preferred GP. Female doctors are available every day should it make you feel more comfortable.                                 


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