Dr. Lisa Morgan

Dr Lis Morgan graduated from Monash university in 1993. Dr Lisa Morgan is well travelled working in some third world countries assisting in their health needs. Her professional areas of interest include travel medicine, women’s health, child and adolescent health and minor surgical procedures. When not working Lisa is raising four active children, running, open … Read more

Dr. Carmen Hristea

Speaks Romanian Dr Carmen Hristea graduated in Bucharest, Romania and has been providing health care at the Drysdale clinic for over 20 years. Carmen’s professional areas of interest include Women’s Health, Children’s Health, Obstetric shared care, Travel medicine and Family Medicine. Areas of interest: Womens Health Pregnancy Shared Care Family Medicine Health Management Travel Medicine Make … Read more

Dr. Carmel Pilgrim

Speaks English Dr. Carmel Pilgrim graduated from Melbourne University. Her professional areas of interest include Obstetric shared care, Paediatrics, Women’s Health, Sexual Health and Family Medicine. Carmel is competent to perform minor procedures including the removal of skin lesions, repair of lacerations, implanon insertions and some cortisone joint injections. Areas of interest: Womens Health Sexual Health … Read more

Dr. Brynn Harrop

Speaks English Dr Brynn Harrop has been a GP at Drysdale Clinic since 2011 and a Practice Partner since 2013. Brynn has a special interest in Skin Cancer Medicine, completing Certificate of Advanced Dermatoscopy, Dermatological Surgery & Procedures as part of a Certificate of Primary Care Dermatology. He offers long appointments for full body skin … Read more

Dr. David Unkenstein

Dr David Unkenstein has been providing health care at the Drysdale Clinic for over 28 years and a valued doctor in our GP Clinic. David enjoys all aspects of general practice and is passionate about making a difference in his patients health outcomes. Areas of interest: All aspects of General Medicine Family Medicine Make a … Read more

Dr. David Walder

Dr. David Walder graduated from Melbourne University in 1988 and has worked at the Drysdale Clinic for over 20 years. David’s professional areas of interest are Sports Medicine, Travel Medicine and Women’s Health including shared antenatal care and Mirena insertion. David is an active contributor within the local community having played and coached football and … Read more